The 2018 ASG CIO Report

The Future of Enterprise Data: Democratized and Optimized

ASG Technologies recently surveyed 200 CIOs to uncover the top challenges they face in managing data and digitally transforming their businesses.  The study revealed that compliance is a primary concern, with 49% reporting that their data management initiatives are “all” or “mostly” focused on compliance, while 53% believe they have made progress in managing personal information but still have more to do.

Additional findings include:

  • 50% of CIOs feel that better self-service data management tools could cut user requests for data in half—and relieve IT teams
  • 35% of respondents reported that they will invest more in data governance in 2019
  • 70% of CIOs surveyed have deployed a self-service data catalog or business intelligence tool to enable business users to seamlessly access and leverage data

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