Privacy-Aware Governance: Empowering Trust, Transparency and Transformation

Today’s increasingly complex data privacy regulations create new challenges for organizations. They must not only understand where personal and sensitive data lives within the organization and whose data it is, but also take action to ensure its collection and use is compliant. This amplifies the need for organizations to better understand what data they have. It is no longer sufficient to manage information – organizations must act ensuring they collect and use information in an automated way in accordance with privacy requirements.

The influx of consumer privacy regulations and the explosive growth of records are challenging organizations to rethink how they find, classify and manage personal information - especially with customer information residing in unstructured format on network drives including Microsoft® SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams opening organizations up to significant risk.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why privacy-aware governance is important
  • How to prioritize privacy-aware governance
  • How to empower information discovery, classification and activity
  • How to leverage automation in data governance

ASG Privacy Aware Governance Whitepaper