Governance-First Content in Customer-Facing Processes

Gaining control over end-to-end customer-facing processes is an essential part of modernization initiatives that seek to improve customer satisfaction and operational performance. Although simple customer-facing processes can be completely driven by structured data, more complex processes can include a variety of unstructured content provided by the customer or third parties, or created internally. This content may be documents such as application forms, letters and contracts; or multimedia such as photographs and video.

Process automation typically provides control over what specific tasks and structured data are available to each participant in the process, but the content that drives and supports the process must also be served up to participants when necessary for completing a task. This requires governance policies that control who can access what content at each point in a process, based on security rules, privacy laws and the specific participant’s access clearance.

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  • The link between process, content and people
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Governance-First Whitepaper