One Chief Data Officer’s Story of Creating a Data Centric Organization

When companies treat data as an asset, they can affect the culture of the business and IT organization with more trust in their data and improved decision making. Learn about the data discovery and pioneering efforts needed to transform the data assets of American Fidelity Assurance into tangible business value.

“Data projects fail all the time,” said Mark Nance, Chief Data Officer at American Fidelity Assurance. “I hear it from companies of all sizes. 'We thought we’d do this little project.' Data transformation isn’t a project; it’s a program and a process. It’s an ecosystem. It takes time, a lot of time, step by step, and it doesn’t have a defined end.”

Download this case study to discover how Enterprise Data Intelligence enabled American Fidelity Assurance to:

  • Improve the efficiency of their mapping process
  • Gain greater visibility into their data warehouse environment
  • Eliminate significant amount of data “bloat”
  • Reduce the number of data artifacts dealt with during daily operations