Modernize at the Speed of Change

To be competitive in today’s dynamic business environment, organizations must know how to securely manage content across their hybrid infrastructure at scale.

Rocket® Content Services captures, stores, analyzes, activates, and automates business content—allowing you to connect data across multiple systems in a single, open platform and fast-track your digital transformation.

Our suite of services helps you embrace new ways of working to improve your responsiveness and resilience to constant market, workforce, and regulatory changes. Whether you need to improve access to content, reduce labor-intensive tasks, or ensure compliance standards are met, you’ll find the solution you need to dramatically accelerate your modernization journey.

Level Up User Experience
Seamlessly connect applications, streamline processes, and simplify user access to boost operational performance and user satisfaction.

Transform Your Business
Scale digital transformation and automation initiatives and centralize business-critical content for fast, secure access to the insights that fuel your business.

Govern With Confidence
Mobilize critical information with confidence—and in real-time—while lowering compliance risks and costs through automated business quality, data reconciliation, and controlled governance and audit applications.

To see Rocket Content Services in action, request a demo now.

Clarify test requirements during the planning phase
Adopt a collaboration-friendly DevOps platform
Enable seamless collaboration and testing between developers and testers with an end-to-end DevOps platform featuring multiple code repositories and test environments. Your chosen platform should also integrate with multi-code IBM® i applications or environments in order to facilitate testing on these popular core systems.
Ensure your chosen testing tool is code-agnostic