DevOps, Mainframes and the Economic Rebound

Disruption is upon us. Businesses are quickly dealing with the economic impact from COVID-19. At the same time, organizations must innovate by shifting to contactless services, increasing digital forms of commerce, and accelerating time to market in the post COVID-19 world.

Mainframe applications underpin many critical business processes, executing vast numbers of financial transactions, storing terabytes of data and supporting major brands around the globe. Organizations continue to invest in software tools to move to DevOps, automated workflows, CI/CD and IDE integration to accelerate development and manage the complexity. Mainframes are and will be a critical part of organizations path to economic growth.

Watch this webinar to hear about the importance of advancing mainframes with DevOps processes and toolchains and the vital role mainframes will continue to play in an organization’s future.


  • Mitchell Ashley: CEO - Accelerated Strategies Group
  • Anna Murray: Senior Product Manager - ASG Technologies
  • Jeff Cherrington: VP of Product Marketing - ASG Technologies