Women Leaders in Technology Virtual Coffee Talk

June 28, 2022 On-Demand

We’ve all heard about the Great Resignation but, for many people, it’s not only about increased salary and better benefits—it’s about knowing that we’re making a difference and spending our time on things that truly matter to us.

Meet Joy King, former VP at Vertica, a 30-year veteran in the software industry, and a passionate believer in the ability of data to positively impact our lives. Since her recent retirement, Joy uses data analytics to make a difference one project (or more!) at a time.

We had an insightful and heartfelt discussion around the importance of purpose and using data to power our passions to make a difference. Watch and learn more as we talk about technology and data…

  • Making an enormous impact on your health, the environment, etc.
  • Changing the world for current and future generations
  • Improving how we communicate around the globe
  • Transforming your own personal passions

“Fantastic perspectives!”

“I love the concept of ‘ventors’!” 


Hear how unlocking what truly inspires you will make you unstoppable!