Women Leaders in Technology Virtual Coffee Talk

March 8, 2022 On-Demand

Attracting and hiring diverse talent in an inclusive and equitable manner is smart business, yet only a starting point. It must be balanced with an environment of belonging where everyone feels valued for their contributions and has access to opportunities for growth and advancement.

Meet two talented women who tap into their passion to launch initiatives that foster psychological safety and close the talent gap.

  • Jess Von Bank, Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy at Leapgen, a veteran in the industry who has a passion for digital transformation and elevating employee experience. She’s an advocate of championship: the concept that implementing change involves the work of everyone.
  • Sharra Owens-Schwartz, Senior Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Equity, whose experience and passion continues to empower Rocket Software to be an inclusive workplace where innovation, agility and high performance thrive.

Watch the discussion and be inspired!